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Our mission is to make fine spirits with an old school approach. We hope you like it that way, cause we sure do!

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RockCastle Bourbon

RockCastle Bourbon, named for the county that is home to our limestone rich mountain spring water, is a smooth, sweet bourbon handcrafted using local Kentucky corn and wheat. This small batch spirit is bottled at barrel strength and displays distinct flavor notes of toffee, caramel and vanilla. Best served neat or in a chilled glass, this spirit is a must have for any bourbon aficionado.

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Barrel House Select

Barrel House Select Bourbon is distilled from corn, rye and malted barley using a heavy rye mash bill and is barreled at 120 proof in #4 char barrels. We hand select three barrels per batch to blend according to their unique flavor profiles and then cut the entire batch to 90 proof using Appalachian Mountain Spring Water. Barrel House Select is available year round.


Pure Blue Vodka

Pure Blue Vodka is a small batch hand crafted spirit distilled from 100% corn and cut with limestone rich Kentucky mountain spring water for a clean crisp taste and subtle sweet finish.


Devil John Dark 'Shine

Made from the same recipe of corn and cane sugar, Devil John Darkshine adds a little extra twist upon the traditional mountain moonshine. Aged for ten months in small, once used charred oak bourbon barrels, this spirit also adds hints of caramel and vanilla that make for a smooth, refreshing finish. Darkshine may be sipped neat or on the rocks or in traditional Old Fashioned cocktails


Devil John Moonshine

In 1877 The Saturday Evening Post declared, "Kentucky is the home of the Moonshiner". BarrelHouse has revived this long tradition with the introduction of "Devil John Moonshine" in honor of Kentucky legend Devil John Wright. Devil John was a lawman and moonshiner from Eastern Kentucky in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Barrel House Distilling Company is proud to make our moonshine in his honor. It is a clean, smooth sipping shine that is also very mixable.


Oak Rum 

Award Winning KY Oak Rum is aged for four years in once used bourbon barrels before being bottled at barrel strength. This fine rum is best served neat, on the rocks, or as a substitute for a fine bourbon in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

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Barrel House Rum

Made with the same recipe as our award winning Oak Rum, this unaged spirit is best in cocktails that call for a fine white rum but is also smooth enough to drink neat or with a couple rocks!

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The Distillery Experience

The Distillery Experience


We are happy to offer tours & tastings as part of the Barrel House Distillery Experience. We are here Wednesday through Sunday from 11 am until 5 pm. Each tour starts on the hour with the final tour beginning at 4 pm. Guests should allow about an hour for the distillery experience and additional time to enjoy our gift shop!

Tours are $7 per person. 

Reservations are not required unless you're bringing a group of 8 or more. Please contact us at with any questions or reservation requests. 

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Named after the Town Branch of the Elkhorn river, which flows alongside it, this new lounge and taproom allows Barrel House Distilling Co. to showcase inventive cocktails made from their products: Pure Blue Vodka, Devil John Moonshine, Kentucky Oak Rum and RockCastle Bourbon. A selection of other spirits and a beer and wine menu is also available. The building is the original barreling house of the James E. Pepper Distillery, founded in 1780, and the decor reflects that rustic and historic theme, with natural wood accents and copper bar tops and ceilings.

We are also proud to serve light regional fair. Click here to view our menu.

Monday - Tuesday
Wednesday 11 am - 11 pm
Thursday  11 am - 11 pm
Friday 11 am - Midnight
Saturday 11 am - Midnight
Sunday 11 am - 10 pm


About Barrel House

About Barrel House

Barrel House Distilling Company is owned and operated by Jeff Wiseman and Pete Wright. They started work on the project during the winter of 2006, and released their inaugural product- Pure Blue Vodka - in December of 2008. Located in the barreling house of the old Pepper Distillery in historic Lexington, Kentucky, they strive to continue the tradition of the old Kentucky Distillers by producing fine spirits made with traditional methods. 

Click here to view our hours, location and learn more about our distillery. 


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Latest News

Latest News

When a horse walks into a bar in France, chaos ensues and the news spreads around the world. But when a horse walks into a bourbon bar in Lexington, Kentucky it’s just another day in the Horse Capital of the World.

So naturally, VisitLex decided to bring this classic joke to life as only Lexington can.

This series of short videos features a local equine actor (many thanks to his agents at the Kentucky Horse Park) and is set in our very own Elkhorn Tavern. Click here to watch the entire series!